Unlike many aspiring artists, Jessica Rae-now known as J.RAE came to California out of necessity. Leaving behind a broken home in Texas, she moved to the San Fernando Valley to live with family at the age of ten. She always had a natural aptitude for singing and soon discovered an outlet in music. She never saw herself doing anything that did not involve this passion that would become deeply instilled in her. Despite not coming from a family of privilege, J. Rae did all she could to nurture her talents, including performing in school musicals, being professionally trained by Monica Margolis, and spending her high school career as a cheerleader. She has always been a performer. "The greatest thrill for me in life is to perform. The energy that you get from the crowd when up on stage is exhilarating enough for me to want to do it for the rest of my life".

J. Rae got her first taste of touring with her friends and fellow musicians Shane Gelinas and Jason Byrnes of The Divine during the early stage of their musical career. She was featured in one of their songs "XOXO Your Best Boy" and appeared in their music video "Behind Closed Doors" The Divine went on to take the title of 2010s MTV VMA “Best L.A. Breakout Artist”. She then tried working with a few rock bands and even joined an all-girl group that had a similar vibe to that of the Pussycat Dolls but she quit because it did not project an image she wanted for herself, so she decided to focus on going solo. So she took matters into her own hands, went to school to become a licensed Cosmetologist, and now devotes 100% of her time to her passions- hairstyling to make music ends meet.

Due to her great appreciation for music, J.Rae incorporates multiple genres into her songs, giving a pop approach to R&B/Hip hop and Rock. She has soul like the late Aailyah and a free, edgy spirit like pop artist Pink. She chose to focus on a solo career because it would allow her greater flexibility in the direction she wants to go with her music. However, J. Rae realized that she would not be able to rise to fame solely on her own, so she began pooling her resources, finding talent in her friends and close acquaintances. A family friend introduced her to producer G Black, who has worked with various artists including Snoop Dogg. Through G Black she met rapper, lyricist, and producer Jesse James for her first demo when she was 15 years old. Jessica Rae worked with both producers, writing many songs for her first album, such as "Round and Round" and "Bankroll". She first collaborated with former friend Matthew Gomberg, DJ and musical engineer, for her song "Until You Get There", which was the first R&B/Hip hop song that she wrote completely on her own. She has also linked up with Dream Urban- a clothing line and network of talent, Pride Clothing and collaborates with other talented individuals from the valley including ‘The Adjectives’, Muekist Eyedrop, & former ‘Kontroversy Committee’member Eluzhen.

J.RAE is currently working on her “Visions EP” Prod. By Dane Danja, Will Robin$on, TehcNina, & G- Black. "I'm a perfectionist," says J.Rae, "I won't release it until I feel it's completely flawless." It will be no surprise to hear the name "J.Rae" all over the radio in the near future, she’s a firecracker ready to explode all over the charts.

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